Our Story 我們


The idea of Furry Kitchen was born out of a pet shop purchase story, a story that I experienced firsthand and that has a special place in my heart.   One of my dreams in life is to spread love and health to dogs, and this is also the mission of Furry Kitchen!

I met BAG, my Pekingese dog, in a pet shop, (knowing that we should always adopt.) However, I had to rescue her from poor living conditions in the cage under a bright spotlight. It was the 2nd day after my Shitzu passed away. On our way home in the cab, she climbed onto me looking straight into my eyes, I saw excitement and appreciation. Immediately, I knew she would be an inevitable part of my life.

Despite her flat face, overloaded with cuteness, she also came with all sorts of health issues. She was almost bald and had a bloated belly, that was almost as if she had swallowed an orange in that tiny body. Later she was diagnosed with canine distemper, ringworm, hot spots, and a series of digestive problems. BAG was prescribed with all sorts of medication from skin solution to pills, her life gradually descended into eating soaked kibbles, being forced fed medicines and bathing in solution.

BAG was not getting better and I decided to make her life better even if just for a moment. I set out to experiment with new diets by feeding her raw food for a while, the best quality vet-recommended kibble for another while. One month later, she got better, but BAG’s allergies issues and digestive problems did not seem to have gone away completely.

I knew I was doing something right and I began to read all the published dog nutrition books that I could get access to. I started looking at the ingredients of commercial processed kibbles and I was astonished. I said to myself I would never feed my dogs kibbles and canned food again!

However, Furry Kitchen didn’t happen until I formed a team of dog loving vets and canine nutritionists that also believe the healing power of whole food, we’ve formulated the nutrient profiles of the Furry Kitchen Fresh Dog Food that are best fit for dogs. We have advanced the cooking technique for our recipes to make them the most bioavailable for dogs for Furry Kitchen to make it easy to continue spreading the love.

Watching our journey together, all these years from sickness to health, BAG passed away at 20, she was in peace and happy. The joy of being able to help dogs and their owners enjoy life is my career, one that is focused on spreading the message of the importance of disease prevention and whole food healing properties.

A full life is a sickness-free and happy life, and I believe all loving owners want the same for their dogs.


With love and best wishes,

Annabel P. LAM

Furry Kitchen Co-Founder