How long does it take for my order to arrive?

It takes 2 days – a week for your order to be delivered. Freshness is one of the most important factors we care about, every ingredient arrives to our facility daily and every meal is as well made daily in order to fit our quality standard.


What are the changes will I see in my dog being on Furry Kitchen’s diet?

Usually within weeks, you will see positive changes below:

  • Soft, shiny coat
  • Well formed stool with little odor
  • Little dog scent / odor
  • Better muscle tone
  • Brighter and clearer eyes
  • Higher energy and focus levels


How long will it take my dog to transition completely to the Fresh dog food diet?

Every dog is different in this matter, the younger they are the easier they would adapt to the new diet, in general it takes 4 – 10 days. Please be patient as most dogs are introduced to this all-natural, chemical-free diet the first time.


Will my dog experience discomfort during the transition?

 Think of this as a detox with preservative-free diet, some dogs with more sensitive stomachs might experience loose stool, which is normal.


What’s the mission of Furry Kitchen?

Furry Kitchen’s goal is to increase the quality and length of life of dogs through a whole food diet.


Why cooked food but not raw?

Furry Kitchen make our nutrition decision based on quality control of premium ingredients, scientific research of nutrients profiles of our meals, and it is clear to us that freshly prepared, slightly cooked fresh dog food is the best option to fit our mission on offering the best dog food.


What about kibbles?

We know that fresh dog food is better in quality and easier to digest compared to kibbles. Recent studies even support that meat is better digest whole food diets than kibble, Scientists also found that cooked diet has significantly easier to digest for proteins than kibble.


When my dog seems to want more food, should I give him more?

It is perfectly normal that your dog might want to have some more in the beginning of trying a new diet, especially our delicious fresh dog food! You should follow the suggested feeding guideline, and adjust according to its activity level. Its weight should be stable, if it begins to lose or gain weight, and then simply adjust the feeing amount accordingly. Always arrange regular body check with your vet to ensure he is being well taken care of.


So, how long does it last?

When stored in the freezer in it’s original package, the quality and freshness of our fresh meals can be maintained for a month.
We strongly suggest you to serve the fresh meal only during feeding time, and always keep the fresh meals in the freezer.


How can you balance a diet if you are not a big dry dog-feed global organization?

Most of the time we have convinced ourselves, even in vet schools that balancing a diet is rocket science and that there is no way that we can make it happen in a kitchen. It is true that the measurement of nutrients have to be precise, we definitely need to be working with the vet and canine nutritionist for that. The reality is if you are working with whole fresh food, with canine nutritionists and vets, you do not need an extra team of doctors with PHD to balance a diet. Unless you are working with bad quality meat by-products with chemical stabilizers, colors of all kinds, then a team of scientists is needed.


Why starting Furry Kitchen?

About 10 years ago we started to look at the ingredients in dog feed and canned food, and we stopped feeding our dogs dog food again. The laws and regulations allow food processors to put nutshells (poisonous to dogs) and all the kind of inedible things in to the dog feed and called it vegetable fiber or plant products …etc nice terminologies, there are also sort of astonishing facts that are scary to owners when you look at the ingredient list. We work with vets and canine nutritionists to work out a balance diet that are made with high quality human grade meats and vegetables, included certified organic ingredients just like what we eat, formulating it to suit Dogs’ needs, for example a suitable volume of calcium carbonate or calcium citrate and magnesium…etc, a balanced fresh dog food diet is much more bio-available for dog’s digestion system to process and to transform in to energy that is much better than any other diet available.


Missing Items? Not happy with your orders?

When this happens, please contact us or report your missing item(s) within 7 days of your package delivery date.

Please provide a clear photo of your packing slip (located inside your package) if there is an missing item.