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    草飼牛骨頭含豐富營養,重要脂肪酸和抗氧化劑物。 脂肪和蛋白質是每個細胞膜必不可少的組成部分,能提供能量,幫助吸收礦物質並含豐富的維生素。 草飼牛骨湯是所有食物中功能最強的食物。含鈣,鎂,磷,矽,硫,膠原蛋白和微量礦物質。還含有使頭髮和指甲堅韌的氨基酸。當中的明膠可幫助治愈消化系統疾病,如漏腸綜合症,並有益助於治療其他疾病,包括貧血,糖尿病,結腸炎,類風濕性關節炎,甚至癌症。明膠作為治物使用可以追溯到遠古時代。 草飼牛骨製成的骨湯含豐富,營養密集的明膠狀原料,而穀飼牛骨不會產生高含量的明膠。 牛尾也是完美的骨骼食材,其中包含所有:凝膠,結締組織,肉和骨髓。混合骨骼是最好的:骨髓,指關節,短肋骨或頸骨。
    您可以加水將Furry Kitchen骨湯變成可口的湯底,也可以直接將骨湯加入餐食中。為狗貓食物增加風味的最簡單方法。


    主要成分: 草飼牛骨(紐西蘭),甜菜根,薑黃

    保存冰箱中處於最佳狀態: 2個月



    Grassfed beef bones are loaded with a wealth of nutrients, essential fatty acids and antioxidants.

    Fats, along with proteins, are essential building blocks for every cell membrane, it provides energy, help absorb minerals, and carry a wealth of vitamins.

    Grassfed beef bone broth is the most functional food of all; loaded with calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon, sulphur, collagen and trace minerals -as well. It also contains amino acids to make strong hair and nails. Gelatin in stock has been shown to help heal digestive disorders like leaky gut syndrome and to be beneficial in treating others disorders including anemia, diabetes, colitis, rheumatoid arthritis and even cancer. The use of gelatin as a therapeutic agent goes back to the ancient time.

    Bones from grass fed beef will produce a rich, nutrient dense, gelatinous stock, bones from feed-lot cows do not produce much gelatin for a broth.

    Oxtail yields perfect bone that has a bit of everything: gel, connective tissue, meat and marrow. A good mix of bones is best: marrow, knuckle, short rib or neck bones

    You can turn Furry Kitchen broth into a delicious soup base by adding water or can be spooned directly into the meal. The easiest way to add delicious flavor to whatever meal you are feeding your dogs and cats.

    There really is no broth available which doesn't have at least one undesirable ingredient, so we just make our own.

    Ingredients with high carbohydrates and grainfed / corned cattles are not used.

    Main Ingredients:

    Grassfed beef bone (NZ), Beetroot, turmeric 

    They are in Optimal condition in the freezer for 2 months

    Once reheated, please finish it within 3 days.

    If you are going to finish it in a few times please make sure you separate the broth in another container to avoid contamination.