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100% 食品級清潔酵素 

在 鮮作犬食 的廚房, 我們愛護地球, 營造一個無毒的居住環境是我們的首要任務之一。 我們利用橙和檸檬,製造了 "鮮作酵素清潔液"。 

"鮮作酵素清潔液" 是一種無毒,可生物降解的清潔液,因此可以安全地在家中的任何區域使用,更可清潔蔬菜生果。 安全到可以食用的酵素!

"鮮作酵素清潔液" 是一種天然溶劑和除臭劑,只需清潔液在尿液上靜置幾分鐘即可消除寵物尿液的氣味,然後用毛巾吸收清潔液。 無需稀釋和過水。 
用法: 使用少量清潔液, 直接使用於物件表面, 打圈; 或以 1:10 在水中稀釋用作浸泡物品和蔬菜生果


At Furry Kitchen, we care about our planet and creating a toxic free living environment is one of our priorities.  We created FK Enzyme Cleaner with orange and lemon. 

FK Enzyme Cleaner is a non-toxic and biodegradable solution, meaning it is safe to use in any area of your home. Enzyme-based cleaners can used to purify fruits and vegetables as well. Absolute edible food-graded cleaner! 

These cleaners are safe for the human health and the environment in comparison to chemical products. It is safe to be used in cleaning culinary and utensils.

FK Enzyme Cleaner is a natural solvent and deodorizer, can eradicate the smell of pet urine by just letting the mixture sit for a few minutes on the urine stain, then soak it up with a washcloth.  Use the solution directly as is, do not require rinsing off with water. 

Usage:  Apply a small amount of solution directly to item surfaces, and rub in circular motion. Or dilute in water in 1:10 ratio for soaking purpose. 

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