代言人。 團隊內要有經驗豐富的獸醫參與質量控制,也要是認證的獸醫毒理學家。此外團隊要有知識豐富的行政人員,負責、設計和監督安全測試,質量控製程序,並解釋其產品的飼餵等。  

對於寵物食品行業的擔憂,“精品”型品牌一夜之間如雨後春筍,莫視了獸醫就直接向公眾進行銷售,配方也從未經測試,很多也沒有任何科學依據。Furry Kitchen 以獸醫為中心,與獸醫們都有很好的合作關係。

我們的很多合作夥伴都是認證的,適用於Furry Kitchen的全食品獸醫配方師(WFF)。

數百位獸醫和執業治療師通常採用Furry Kitchen的配方以輔助治療。我們的配方都通過高品質的現代化設施,在本地生產和製造,生產過程都沒有外判。我們提供所有配方都經全套標準分析,當中包括詳細的營養信息以及基本熱量分解。


Ingredient quality is not the only consideration when choosing a quality pet diet. Pet parents should only use a company that has performed feeding trials on its diets and only those that employ veterinarians and nutrition therapists as core members of the pet food team. Veterinarians and therapists should be available for inquiries and be integrally involved in diet formulation, analysis, and testing, and not just serve as spokespeople. An experienced veterinarian / therapist in quality control measures, preferably a board certified veterinary toxicologist, should also be part of the team. The veterinarian team should include at least one knowledgeable support staff of licensed veterinary technicians, and should be responsible for designing and overseeing safety testing, quality control programs, and interpret feeding trials of their products.


In response to concerns about the pet food industry, ‘boutique’ type brands have sprouted overnight, circumventing veterinarians, and marketing directly to the public without ever testing their formulations and without any scientific basis behind their claims.  We want to be clear – Furry Kitchen  is not this kind of pet food company; we are entirely vet-centric and we work with veterinarians all over the Hong Kong and over the world.

Many of our partners are now certified Whole Food Veterinary Formulators (WFF) for Furry Kitchen. 

Furry Kitchen diets and veterinary support diets are used routinely by hundreds of boarded specialists in veterinary medicine and general practice veterinarians.  Our diets are also produced and manufactured locally in high quality modern facilities, and no aspect of the production process is outsourced overseas. We provide full typical analyses on all our diets, including detailed nutritional information as well as a basic caloric breakdown.